“Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet." - Douglas Adams

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 Get online fast with a professional web design by DTG. From simple to complex. Make a statement with a modern Connecticut web design service designed to grown your business. Get a free site analysis of your business. Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media and much more…

DTG can help your business website get found in Google searches so you’ll dominate the competition. We will strategically recommend how to infuse the SEO strategy onto your website’s pages. From there, we’ll audit your site’s overall structure and functionality, making the site’s experience optimal for both Google and your end users. These days, user experience and SEO go hand in hand and it will improve your ability to rank. Simply building a website that relies on graphic design without considering the impact to rankings and SEO is a major catastrophe that will absolutely cost you money in lost sales.  

Contact DTG to learn how drone footage of your property or project can put you above the competition! Located in Manchester, CT.

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CT Web Design

We craft websites that provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). Your website will stand out with a professional modern design and get you visitors with our proven SEO methods!

Social Media

People spend more time viewing social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn than any other type on the web. That equates to a HUGE opportunity for you to reach them in a personal, no-pressure environment where they will be much more likely to listen to and absorb your message.


Whether you want to design a new web site or enhance your search engine ranking on your existing site, we can work with you to boost your site. Contact us today to find out more about CT Web Design.

Technology Integrators

As technology integrators, DTG located in Manchester, CT provides the following services which include Web Design, Word Press, Social Media, Custom Programming, Portal Development, SEO and much more. DTG offers training, marketing, and continued support on your product once its launched.

Almost 46% of your visitors will judge the credibility of your organization based on the design of your website.

Could you be turning away almost half your customers this December?

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Social Media Marketing

No two businesses are alike which is why we take a custom approach towards every project. We get to know our clients and their audience and use that information as the driving force in the decisions we make. Google is KING. For businesses, it’s a way to connect with your prospects, build a loyal following, delight your customers, and deliver excellent, engaging content. It can drive people to your website, drive engagement, and drive transactions and business purchases. When we work with clients we look at the current state of their social media strategy.  We consider which services they use and how best to integrate social media into their website design.  Sometimes it may be as simple as linking to social media pages.  For others, we look to at ways to further integrate social media features into their website.  DTG will work with you to create a plan to promote your business through social media links such as facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin and how to tie it in to your overall internet marketing strategy. We incorporate user experience design and digital marketing into our web design process so we know exactly what your users want and how to reach them. Plus, we make them feel the same way you do: blown away.

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Every business is different, so getting to know yours is the first step. DTG takes the time to understand how your company works and learn about opportunities for improvement. What’s important to you is important to us.


Haphazard isn’t part of our vocabulary: we draw out detailed marketing strategies that meet your needs and stick to them. Timelines keep us on point and keep you informed to deliver the results you expect.


Our marketing methods implement our strategy and adapt to the changing marketplace. DTG SEO professionals utilize the most populated social channels and latest software to get you noticed.


“Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.”*  

*credit to Brian Solis  www.briansolis.com