Working from home can run you ragged if you don’t have a plan and the support to put it all together. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and without a great support team, the link will eventually break. Web technology, when applied correctly can be a life savior.

DTG has a support team that does what it has to in making your project succeed in today’s times. We take the time to listen, offer solutions, and put it all together. NOT just great design work, but search engine finding, social media and much more.

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Starting a new project is really when you want to think outside of the box and dream of what you want developed. Finding a group of individuals that want to see the same thing happen is what we do best. Your designs are in our best interests.

We like to think ahead with your project design and theorize how it is going to play out. Planning what might lie ahead is vital in our design strategies. We really don’t like to make mistakes.

As your design unfolds you should take the time to review the developments and if needed, remark about the good and the bad. Speaking sooner then later saves a great deal of time and money. Nobody like to redo their work.

In a WFH environment there are more distractions then a business office during a free lunch. Its a challenging situation that can be over come. You business does NOT need to come to a halt due to COVID-19.

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There are many elements that go into a successful project. It doesn’t end with a great design but starts to go uphill to the next level which is search engine optimization. This is where we tell Google about our new design and get us to page 1, quickly.

Working to develop web pages for SEO compliancy takes a great deal of moving words around and coming up with new words, phrases and pictures. The end result if done correctly makes your web page more in line with Google Search Requirements. Best bet: Page 1 Google.

Once a website is up and running for a while most of us call it quits and let the website run its course. That’s when you run into problems. You don’t have a problem changing your cars oil because maintenance requires it every 3000 miles, nor should you just let your website run without any maintenance plans. All of this overlooked when you work from home and could have been avoided with the proper support.

The backend of most websites is a gallery of controls that make all the changes. There are applications that need updating just like your computer. Neglect these updates and your site becomes susceptible to all types of issues. Guaranteed not to be pleasant.

The businesses that work with DTG all have confidence that we are in their corner to provide the very best in services. We are located in Manchester Connecticut and have been in business for over 35 years. We have worked very hard to achieve this passage of time.

Today’s business objective are not “Unreachable” Just rethink your options and apply them.