At DTG, we know all about using web solutions to turn a profit. A properly designed website is just one part of many moving pieces. Everything must work and turn together and in sync.

Once a website is created, it’s next move is to be fully optimized for the Google search engines. You want your business to be found. That’s the search engine you want to have find your site. Most of today’s users, prefer Google search over all the other search engines.

web solutions

Having a properly optimized website takes time and planning. You just don’t throw it all together and hope it sticks. The websites we build are fully optimized and ready for Google. To keep your site within the top ten searches requires your site to reviewed on a weekly basis and changes made. DTG uses Google Analytics to ensure that your website is working properly.

Now that your site is being found in the search engines, you need to keep it’s name and existence open to the public. Hence Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and much more. Our SEO plan includes channel creation, social strategy creation, post scheduling, paid social advertising and more.

SEO services

Like owning a car, you have to change the oil every 3000 miles and check the tires. Same goes with your website. Maintenance is a key factor in keeping the site alive. We offer hosting services, email, re-designs, custom design and more. We make sure that your site is on-line, 24×7. If there are problems, we respond immediately and fix the situation.

Lets not forget customer service. With DTG, our office is located in Manchester, CT. Call for an appointment and lets sit down and discuss your web requirements and offer you some web solutions that will put your business way ahead of the competition. We having been doing web services for years and have the team to make your dreams come true. For us, its all about you.