Getting the very best in web design and custom solutions is right in your neighborhood. DTG has been providing quality solutions for years. Affordable and dependable, we have you covered.

At DTG we work with our clients to help develop a website that will gain more customers and increase their brand awareness. We go out of our way to make sure that every aspect of your experience goes smoothly. Need some explanation of the technical aspects of the development? We can explain everything to you, and at the end of the project we have an owners manual available to you.

We don’t treat every project the same because not every project is the same. We apply our work differently with each project to ensure that all goals are met and that everyone is working towards the same goal. We build websites that perform as great as they look by focusing on designs that increase engagement. We are a Full-Service Digital Marketing & E-Commerce service company located in Connecticut.

We are pretty confident in our graphic skills. Everyone tells us how nice our sites are. More importantly, our sites deliver on goals and outcomes determined by the client. We turn visitors into conversions and sales. Our SEO team will optimize your website and content for search and our online marketing experts can set up and manage mobile marketing and online advertising campaigns across multiple channels.

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At DTG we build digital marketing into design and development, so your new site isn’t just versatile–it’s effective. Since the late 90’s, we’ve learned a lot about what makes websites work. Many new website launches later, across nearly every industry—we’ve come to understand the goals that matter to your business. Whether you’re building a brand new website or redesigning an existing site. We’re here ready to help you exceed those goals.

SEO or search engine marketing is a fine mix of art and science. It uses creativity, analysis and technical expertise to make a business stand out in the crowded digital space. Any business that appears among the top three organic search results on Google for a high-volume keyword would get a tremendous edge, as 70 per cent of clicks go to these searches. At DTG we have been at the forefront of internet marketing and search engine optimization strategies. Our experts stay alert to SEO’s ever-changing landscape.

Roughly 81% small and medium scale businesses are using social media platforms in some form or another. On the face of it, social media marketing seems easy enough, but if done without strategy, planning and diligence, not only will you not see any results, it could even harm your brand. Hiring a leading social media management company to take care of your social platforms can ensure you are keeping up with trends and staying engaged with your customers.

To learn more about our services, SEO, Social Media and WordPress, give us a call and lets talk. The talk is free and the knowledge is the power. Learn how to stay ahead of your competition with DTG web design services. We are located in Central Manchester, Manchester, CT