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DTG provides the best in web design services in the Connecticut area. With locations in Hartford and Manchester, CT we are availabe to service your web needs. Clients choose us because for our custom designs, optimized websites, quick turn around time, excellent customer service and hard working attitude. Our goal is to create appealing website designs.

Dead On The Web web design services

Don’t be. Your website is one of your most important marketing tools and it needs to be professional! With years of experience in designing and building websites, both custom and in WordPress, DTG covers ALL aspects for your successful web presence: your website design, perfect functionality, ease of navigation, successful marketing, high security, and maintenance. The final step in our design and that is taking your site live to the Internet. We’ll do some final testing and cleanup, make sure everything works properly, and you’re off and running. This is also where we make sure your site is fully responsive across mobile devices and that your pages are loading quickly (which Google loves).

Website design services provided for a great user-experience

Each website design is hand-coded using the best practiced website design principles. Whether the user is browsing by desktop or a mobile device, each website is designed for a great user-experience to help meet your objective.

Successful design builds trust and confidence in your brand, and enables you to differentiate from your competition. Our approach follows a user-centric model. This means that as a company our fundamental goal is to create a design and development functionality for your website that supports your business goals from users perspective. We will work with you to create a custom website design and its development that is a professional extension and mirror of your business. We will make sure that you are fully satisfied with the new look of your website through an effective web site design.

Website planning 
Your business website must appeal to your target audience. How well you have planned will effect how well your web site design will look. We work with you in identifying your needs and expectations to plan and create a custom web site that draws your customers.

Creative website designs 
We have been building websites for over twenty years. We will work with you until you’re fully satisfied with the look and feel of your website.

Easy website navigation 
Remember that the Internet isn’t a passive medium like TV: Your visitors are active and have their own approaches to getting around the web site they visit. So we pay close attention to the usability of the web site and offer you different alternatives to make your web site user-friendly.


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