Our website designs are quick to capture your target audience and keep them focused on your brand. Our sites are easy to navigate and intuitively designed, giving your customer just enough information to motivate a call to action. Every web design that we build is designed and programmed to be responsive to ensure the best user experience across every platform and device. We also design, develop and integrate E-Commerce capabilities, customer portals and customized interactive features that make it easy for our clients to do business. 

Our skilled team of Web Developers offer a diverse range of capabilities across the most cutting edge technologies. Web development projects are planned out perfectly to ensure the best user experience. Our technical project managers and developers work closely together to keep your customer engaged. We fully understand that the more competitive your industry, the less chance you have of ranking organically in search engines

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We provide you with several social media channels that will expand your website presence and SEO ranking: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Company Blogs and more. Pay per click marketing can target your ideal demographic and drive more traffic to your website. We use targeted keywords, geographic positioning and a realistic budget to maintain your position at the top of search engines.

Let us help you create the website your brand was made for. You tell us what you want, we do the rest. Built through DTG, our team will deliver you an innovative and competitive site that captures the heart and soul of your business. Your brand is the soul of your business. It allows your consumers to connect with more than just what your business offers. No matter what industry you’re in, a strong brand will generate more business. We will work hands-on with you to determine the brand of your business and strategize effective ways of solidifying it and communicating it with your consumers.

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Creating brand awareness is important for the success of any business, therefore creative campaigns are essential to get your name out there. There are many different ways to reach your target audience and transform them into loyal customers. From email campaigns to direct marketing, we work to make your story known. Oftentimes, a mix of different media is necessary. Not sure which ones you might need? Leave that to us! We work with you to find the perfect creative media mix tailored just for you.

Intuitive design starts with understanding your target audience and what they deem “easy to use.” Intuitive design generally combines standard, predictable functionality with efficient succinct actions, responsiveness and minimal frustration. Clarity in navigation is of utmost importance. When a user hovers over your buttons or links, they should have an understanding of where the link directs to and understand its function within your site.

Good design is not classified just by how something looks, but also by how it works. Effective websites use a combination of design principles: purpose, communication, minimal typefaces and weights, contrasting colors, clear imagery, grid-based, mobile-friendly layouts. Fully functional websites should be mobile-responsive, with a clear site map, and no broken links.

Your website is your digital storefront. DTG helps potential customers/members enter and stay to do business. We offer boutique, responsive, value driven website designs to fit every need. DTG is located in Manchester, CT, is a top ranked, quality provider of digital solutions. Call us today for more information web design for your business.