Web Design & Custom Development Manchester, CT

Programming Services at DTG provide the most affordable way of doing business without reinventing the wheel.

Looking to upgrade your current website to something more current?
Do you operate your business behind the times. Need help with PHP, WordPress, Magento and other programming languages?
AT DTG programming services our in-house programming team can help you achieve your goals and get your website off the ground.

DTG can assist you in your next custom web development project or application. ASP.NET and SQL Server allow your business to manage website content with much greater ease. Using it, you can:

Develop diverse web applications and put them on the Internet for anyone to use
Create highly interactive websites that adapt and respond to users input and discussions in a project environment
Establish log in based sites that provide content based on users access levels
Maintain dynamic and scalable sites with possible access to an SQL database
Build and manage databases and create code to pull information from them

Start with Understanding your Business Needs
We start the project with a brainstorming session to fully understand your underlying business needs. We review your current business processes and those of your competition. We discuss what you like best about what you currently have, what you do not like, how your ideal system would work, and what it will take to get there.

Work Together to Create a “the design”
We combine your business experience with our extensive technology and design background to create “the design” that will give you a stand-out edge over your competition.

Build the Software as a Team
Our development methodology is one of continuous improvement. During the development process, we continually review with our clients and push ourselves to deliver top results in four key areas:

Great Design
The cornerstone of any system is its design and architecture. The software architect will ensure that the system has a solid architecture, extensive capabilities, an optimal user interface, and a flexible design so that it will work as well now as it does years down the road.
Ease of Use
We bring a strong focus on developing software that is both easy to use, and intuitive. Our ideal system is one that users can pick up and use without taking a training session – a system that places all the relevant information at their fingertips.
Ease of Administration
Each system is built with the goal of minimizing long-term maintenance costs, and enabling customer administrators to change process parameters, settings, and other key data without requiring programming support.
Accomplishing your Business Goals
Most importantly, we set your business strategy at the core of the project. Every design decision and feature is focused on the core goals of your business. Through our diverse experience in a wide variety of industries, we combine best practices from different backgrounds to discover new ways to achieve your strategic business goals.

Deployment, Support, and Maintenance
Once the custom application is complete, we offer lifecycle support and maintenance to ensure that your software will continually improve with the changing business landscape of DTG Programming Services. We provide Network Hosted and Cloud Based (Amazon AWS, Godaddy, and Rackspace) Delivery Implementation

We maintain clients interested by providing a good working environment. We are friendly and understanding. The team will gladly accept feedback and recommendations for the software applications, to fully satisfy your business. We also respect time limits and are constantly considering the clients wishes to uphold a great trustworthy relationship with each individual client.

Starter Packages (WordPress)
With WordPress as the foundation you can build a professional yet affordable website with all the bell and whistles as the more expensive websites. With a built in control panel, you have complete control over the content within your website. Did I mention the one on one training that DTG provides to get you familar with WordPress. The best support in Connecticut web design and programming.