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Providing Drone services to enhance your website and your business, we can handle your aerial image capture needs from start to finish. No matter how tricky the shot, we can capture it safely and dynamically. We provide a new medium for capturing beautiful and breathtaking images. Our team is comprised of professional designers and drone filming professionals with experience in the web development and design.

Drones For Roof Inspections
For home buyers and sellers, a roof inspection is a critical step in the buying/selling process. A home’s roof is one of its most expensive features, ranging in cost from $20,000 to $30,000 for full replacement; so of course, potential buyers want to know the condition of the roof before they purchase a property. Drone footage provides home inspectors with extremely reliable data about the condition of a roof. A drone roofing inspection is a really great tool because you’re able to do a comprehensive roof inspection all without ever having to get up onto the roof and endanger yourself due to too steep of a pitch or to actually damage any of the roofing materials like clay tiles, or slate roofs, or even metal roofs you’re not supposed to be walking on.

Drones For Property Maintenance
A drone home or roof inspection is a popular way for individuals to assess the condition of their home in order to make informed property maintenance decisions. Homeowners will find that a drone inspection is the most accurate and cost effective way to get a detailed overview of their property’s external condition. Drone footage can help you locate and diagnose potential structural problems before they worsen and lead to even more property damage through roof leaks or other structural weaknesses.

Drones For Construction or Remodeling
Perhaps you’re in the process of building a new business. A quick fly-over by a professional drone company can show you the exact progress being made and allow you to inspect the quality of the work as it progresses. These visual construction or remodeling updates can help you guide contractors as they work on your home, or inform you as to problems that may require switching contractors altogether.

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Drones For Real Estate Inspections
There are other aspects of a home’s exterior that are relevant to be inspected besides just the roof. If you’re preparing to sell a home, a comprehensive drone home inspection can help you focus your repairs where they’re most needed. You can also use the drone photographs and videos as marketing tools to show potential buyers the detailed condition of the entire property. Home buyers should also consider having a thorough drone inspection done before signing on the dotted line.

Drone Home Inspections vs. Traditional Home Inspections

Here are just a few of the benefits of using drones for your home or roof inspection, compared to a traditional manual inspection:

Save Time. Regular manual inspections can take weeks or months to schedule in advance, because of the demand on inspectors’ time. Once the actual inspection takes place, it can be a matter of hours before it’s finished, especially if detailed viewing of hard-to-reach places on or above the roof line is needed. Drone home inspections, on the other hand, can be scheduled quickly and the inspection itself completed in under an hour.

Keep Records. Drone footage directly to your home computer or laptop, or have the footage pre-recorded to watch later, whichever is more convenient for you. Either way, the photographs and video will be saved so that you can watch it repeatedly at your own convenience and keep it for your records.

Increase Safety. Inspecting a steep roof or other high area of a structure can be complicated and risky. With a drone inspection, no ladders, flashlights, hardhats, harnesses, or other safety equipment are needed! Avoid putting human lives in danger by choosing a drone roof inspection.

No Risk of Damage. Traditional roof and home inspections can result in loose roof shingles, dented siding, or other property damage. Drones hover above and around the structures they inspect, so they never run the risk of damaging the roof or siding.

Save Money. Drone inspections are the most cost effective way to gauge the condition of your roof or property. Because they require less time and less manpower, you get more than you would with a traditional manual inspection.

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If you have questions about our drone inspection services, we’d be happy to guide you through the details of our drone inspection processes. DTG Drone Services is a local, Manchester, CT. based, comprehensive drone services company that can fulfill all of your aerial photography needs. We’d love to talk with you for a free consultation about how our drones can help accomplish your home or business services today. Feel free to contact us at (860) 244-8111.