If your job requires you to work outside this summer, you will need a good web design to go against your competition. This summer, we are all hoping that business is crazy busy. At DTG we are here to help you in the fight of getting found in the search engines and making your business profitable.

We work with businesses of all sizes creating responsive design websites. Landscapers, Boating, Small Engine Repair, Farming, Educational Tutors, and more, this means your site will fit mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes. Envision the potential of your business with user experience in mind. We offer WordPress web hosting with blazing fast speeds. Decrease the load times for your visitors and create a better user experience. 

Our sites are search engine optimized, secure and easy to update. We develop interactive websites that are intuitive and easy-to-navigate. Our websites are technically sound and built with the latest SEO best practices to ensure domain authority retention and search engine visibility.

Starting a new web design project requires both creative and technical experience, and getting your project started off right means understanding what good website design and development really means. With competition getting stiffer every day, it is not enough to simply look good. A good website designer knows that superior web development is about enticing every visitor and establishing brand identity.

You have solutions to your customers’ needs. Investing in website design is an important undertaking that comes with a lot of questions, and fortunately, we have answers. If you are considering redesigning your website, or perhaps you are building a brand new one, DTG Website Design will provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

small business web design

The single most important purpose of a website is to provide the visitor with what it is they are seeking; It is not to provide an outlet for the vanity of the company, yet many websites miss this point. If your visitors can’t easily find what they’re looking for from the landing page, or, worse, can’t fill out a contact form or request for a quote without jumping through hoops, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

If you own a business today your customers EXPECT you to have a web site and mobile site. This expectation requires you to have some sort of interactive web presence and to have on-line ordering in order to compete with other companies. Over 80% of new customers find a business by searching online using Google. If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on 80% of new customers. Over 60% of those potential customers are using their phone or tablet to look up the information for product they need. If you don’t have a mobile site, you are missing out on those customers as well.

Our web design team combines clean aesthetics with intuitive user experiences to generate the most leads and best possible online presence for your business. DTG develops comprehensive strategies for website design projects of all sizes. Call us today and let us help you enjoy more of your summer by putting technology to work for you.