Here at DTG we provide website design services to businesses, non-profits and startups in Connecticut. We specialize in custom websites, graphic design and SEO services. A custom website design for your business will help set it apart in your market and create a strong brand for years to come.

Hiring a web designer (especially when you need a website redesign- this is the perfect time) that is well versed in online marketing strategies. Not only should they know how to get you a site up and running to your desired specifications, they should also be able to help you test out new marketing avenues. For example, something like SEO, Google Adwords,or selling products on Amazon. Ask your DTG website design expert about some of these topics and then ask them for examples of their work.

We want to help you develop a website that positively enhances your online marketing efforts. Think of your website as an online real estate. You own it. It will be the place people will look for you. That’s why it’s important to invest in responsive web design.  Your website is your online reflection of your business or personal intention to the world. It is a visual Internet communication and provides advertising with accessibility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for viewers to gather information or to purchase products.

Everything we do is now done through our phones. People will be looking for you online with their phone. So, if your website isn’t displaying right on an iPhone or Android, that means trouble for you.

That’s why we design responsively, with mobile use in mind. You’ll have one website that is easily viewed no matter what kind of device your potential leads are using. Our responsive web design saves you time and money in development because you don’t have to build a second mobile site.

If you’re tired of dealing with the business problems that stem from having an outdated, slow, and/or under performing website or online marketing campaigns – let’s talk. A well-thought-out, properly executed website and digital marketing campaign can assist in correcting your business’ marketing and sales inefficiencies.