Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. As a result, it’s never been more important to make sure your small business is strong, resilient, and — most importantly — profitable. Our web designs are inspired not only by our creativity but with the dream and passion of our small business web design clients. Understanding our clients and building out their ideas into reality is what makes us the best web design company in Manchester, CT.

Intuitive website design guides the user to do what they want to do, but without telling them what to do! Yes, Intuitive design technology is implicit. Our designers design the website as if they are the user. Intuitive design is all about user experience and ease! Our websites give your users an amazingly fulfilling user experience.

If you don’t have a hosting company yet, or, if you have yet to purchase your domain name, you can ask me for advice.  Having a website that gets people’s attention and converts sales, leads or phone calls is essential to succeeding in today’s commerce.  The most successful people in towns like Manchester and Hartford, CT are using the power of the internet to grow their businesses and community alike. 

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Our capabilities include custom end to end small business web solutions: creative web design and web development, application development, e-commerce website design, cloud hosting, SEO & internet marketing including SEM, Social Marketing and e-business strategy. Whether you need a new website development, an old website redesign, a blog, pay-per-click marketing or need to expand into social media, we can provide a variety of options to help your company succeed.

DTG LLC is a small business, and that means we understand what other small businesses need. We’ve worked with local companies before and helped them get the growth they need to become regional authorities. Now, our award-winning team of web designers will do the same for you! Whether choosing to work with a local web design company or marketing agency to create your digital storefront, choosing local developers have definitely have there advantages.

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One way to make sure your business is constantly at the top of its game is to incorporate modern web design into your company’s website. While this may not sound like it can directly grow your business, it’s an investment that has the potential to continually pay off year after year. Better web design gets you more conversions, and once you have that, you can really grow your business. 

Should I Redesign My Website?

Redesigning a website, however, isn’t easy. You have to budget for your redesign, find a web design agency, and plan your launch. Not to mention, you need to earn the support of company leaders to start redesigning your existing site. With DTG’s you can learn whether your site needs a redesign, how much a redesign would cost, and how to make managing and launching a redesign project headache-free. Even better, you can view site redesigns to inspire your company.

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At DTG, we help our clients drive growth by creating high-performing websites that convert visitors into customers. We look forward to working with clients that understand the value of a professional website that is built specifically for their small business. Our website builds are clean, easy to navigate and fully optimized to work correctly on desktop, mobile and tablet. We have the capabilities and expertise to tackle your project with confidence – call today for more information.