We help businesses of all sizes

No matter your industry, your audience is online, making decisions on who to give their business to. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, industrial service provider, e-commerce store or local service area business, our goal is to drive those decision-makers to your website and help you convert them into customers.


DTG Web Design is a unique, full service advertising agency + web design headquartered in Manchester, CT. DTG offers fair pricing, unsurpassed creativity, dynamic web design & programming, print and advertising design, product branding and packaging design. Even if we didn’t build your website, we offer a variety of packages to host, maintain, protect, and even update your website so you can focus on running your business.

Starting a new web design project requires both creative and technical prowess, and getting your project started off right means understanding what good website design and development really means. With competition getting stiffer every day, it is not enough to simply look good. A good website designer knows that superior web development is about enticing every visitor and establishing brand identity. Doing so is Number 1 to staying competitive and breeding success.

We should emphasize the importance of website redesign if you have a website that was created years ago. In the past, websites were not necessarily designed to display properly on smartphones and tablets. We use WordPress, which is a content management system. Our WordPress website redesign work is carefully calculated to display perfectly on any type of device. WordPress websites are also search engine friendly, and they are easy to update.

If done right, custom website development can turn your business into a lead generating machine. By blending simplicity and usability with attractive and sophisticated design, a web design company will help you communicate a strong and clear message: You have solutions to your customers’ needs. Investing in website design is an important undertaking that comes with a lot of questions, and fortunately, we have answers. If you are considering redesigning your website, or perhaps you are building a brand new one, DTG Website Design will provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed.