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Attract, retain and convert your targeted customers.

DTG SEO web services located in Manchester, CT, provides the best in getting your business or website found through the Google search engines. SEO is a fundamental and essential method for your business that positions your website at the top of the search results where your clients or customers are looking.

Every aspect of your website is analysed to make sure it’s capable of achieving your business goals. Using tried-and-tested search engine optimization methods and a touch of our own brand of creative genius to ensure that we can drive targeted customers to your website, and retain them once they get there. 

DTG will identify the Internet marketing methods that are right for your business and work with you to maximize your visibility on the Internet.

If your website is up and running that’s GREAT! If your site isn’t getting any traffic then we need to find a way to improve the situation. We don’t want your new website to be at the bottom of the list or on page 2 of Google. Getting you great placement within Google is what we do best.

The process of Search Engine optimization is similar for every client. It requires an assessment of where you and your competition is right now. Then we create a plan and lastly we implement that plan. On many occasions plans are similar, but to get the best results we focus on creating a detailed strategic plan for your specific business and industry.

Search Engine Optimization is usually a long-term process, because rankings are never guaranteed. Once you have reached the first page or the top three rankings that means you have knocked another company out of their position. On most occasions this business  will attempt to regain the rankings. Always remember if you have competition your companies search rankings are either improving or decreasing, they never stay the same.

Search engine optimization requires the internal design of your website be structured properly. We will create the necessary framework, or fine-tune the existing one, to make certain your site meets the highest professional and technical standards to best reach your target audience. Simply building a website that relies on graphic design without considering the impact to rankings and SEO is a major catastrophe that will absolutely cost you money in lost sales.

Now a days search engines depend on and expect to see a specific framework within your site. If your website is not “designed to code”, it will be extremely hard for it to be found on Google. In addition, these search engine companies constantly change. New algorithms are setup to deliver an increasingly better experience for their customers.

Call today and learn more about SEO and how to apply it to your business.


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