SEO A Must for any Business

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Most business is local. Most people shop in their local community. DTG located in Manchester, CT, provides the very best in search engine optimization(SEO). If your goal is to have your website ranked near the top when a potential customer does a search for the product or service you offer, followed by the name of the city or metro area, DTG can help. SEO does not come easy and is very time intensive. End results place you on page 1 of Google. That’s the goal of DTG.

We can optimize your website for the global market if you can ship your products long distance. If you have an eCommerce website, geography is not an issue. Customers can order online from anywhere in the world.

This assumes you have a website to be optimized. If you need web design, we can also design and build your website.

SEO Local CT

When your website is optimized for the global market, your website is listed when someone does a search for your product, without stating a location. You will be competing against millions of websites all over the world, not just those websites in your local community. If your product is shoes, you must compete against the websites of companies like Nike and Spaulding.

We follow the guidelines set by the search engines. We do not use deception or tricks to inflate your rank. We use ethical SEO. We will always be honest with you about what you can realistically expect from any search engine optimization firm. Please call us in Connecticut for a free analysis of your website’s current search engine optimization.

We are not the only Connecticut search engine optimization company. We hope you will do business with us, but if you select another firm, we want you to know who the good guys are. We are here to help small and medium size businesses.

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