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As an SEO Company our main goal is to help you BOOST SALES. Are you looking for an SEO Company to take your business to the next level, not only for your short term marketing goals but your long term goals as well? DTG’s SEO performance based on proven SEO Services that deliver results, and keep them through algorithm updates.

DTG is located in Manchester, CT., serving all of Connecticut. When you have an online e-commerce store, it’s extremely important to drive people to your website from search engines. At DTG we can help you rank in searches to drive relevant highly targeted traffic to your online store from search engines. We can analyze your store’s performance and make adjustments to increase your conversions.

At DTG, We believe that any local company in Connecticut can grow larger by enhancing its visibility on the Internet by maintaining a strong social media presence and good search engine performance. (Both of these strategies increase online conversions.) We employ numerous techniques that we use on our clients’ behalf. We deliver digital marketing services on both a local and a national level.

Web Design

Your company’s website is often the vehicle which delivers first impressions of your organization on a potential customer. A site that is misleading or poorly organized will lead to poor impression and turn away potential business. We can help you correct that problem with professional web design and development services. As an added value, we build in optimization-friendly features to all of the websites we create for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Today the search engine is the consumer’s most powerful tool for finding products and services. It’s vitally important that potential customers can find you via in the search engines. That’s why we consider professional SEO services to be the core of your digital marketing campaign. If customers can’t locate you using the most applicable local search terms, the other companies in your industry have a major advantage over you and thus drive your business under.

Social Media Marketing

Search engines allow consumers to find you when they’re already looking for you. To drum up greater demand and build loyalty, intelligent marketing via social media is a powerful ally to SEO. Social media sites fulfill an important role in modern consumer decision-making, allowing individuals to pick up referrals and ideas from both their friends and the companies they do business with. We’ve helped both local Connecticut companies and national businesses craft and manage effective social media marketing campaigns.

The Whole SEO Deal

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing practice of aligning what your website is communicating with what your prospects are searching for. It’s an art and a science and it’s evolving every day, and our team regularly researches and implements the best strategies, keywords and keyword phrases to reach clients’ target audiences. To find out more about SEO, call our office for a FREE website analysis or just to get together to figure this whole thing out.



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