Websites have advanced a lot in just a few short  years. In the ’90s, businesses simply aimed to set up online presences, resulting in an Internet full of electronic brochures. Since then, marketers have improved both the functionality and aesthetics of their websites. As a result, they’ve delivered a better experience to customers – and better outcomes for business owners.

What Does This Mean For You?

It means that if your business hasn’t retooled its website in a while, you’re probably sending the wrong message to potential customers. And by sending the wrong message, we mean you’re losing customers to a competitor. Someone who is more fun, more user-friendly, more convenient, more mobile-responsive, and more “right now”.  Luckily for you, DTG is willing to take the time to outline a few ideas to fix your painfully outdated website.

If you’re like most of our new clients, you can probably find everything you need on your own website. And if you’re like most of our new clients, your potential customers probably can’t find a thing. That’s because when you build up a website over time, you begin to lose the intended structure. Your page organization fails to highlight newly released product lines . Links lead to 404 errors. Posts get housed under random categories. For the business owner, it’s just part of a growing business. For maximizing your website traffic, it’s a mess.

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If you’re looking for a website designer, we’ll help make your vision come true. We offer full service design packages that are tailored to each client’s needs and budget. Services range from logo creation to search engine optimization – whatever it takes! We also create custom website as per need and service of the customer. We find the best platform to build your custom website

Stand out from the competition with an online presence that gets you noticed. We build custom websites that are intuitive to maintain and easy to expand and grow. Our website project team consists of developers, designers, and writers that specialize in creating mobile-friendly user experiences that are optimized for Google search.

As a small business owner, you’re used to wearing many hats, but you don’t have to wear them all. We’ve specialized in website design for Connecticut Businesses for years, and ever since, we’ve provided our clients with fast, reliable, and easily editable websites that have been built from the ground up with Design, SEO, and Social Media in mind. Even if you want your new website to look exactly like your outdated website – letting our website developers rebuild it in our CMS almost always nets a positive result on search engines within a few short weeks.

If you are considering a website update, then I presume there are some issues that your team feels they need to address and an outside developer is needed. Things like slow load speed, high bounce rate, not enough leads, or an old design often drive people to consider a change. While these are all good things for a digital marketing consultant to know, they don’t give us the information we need to make the best recommendation on how to spend your marketing budget.

Older sites tend to have slow loading times, less functionality, and less flexibility to make changes. Plus, sites that are built on older code may be a security risk, as languages like PHP and CSS have depreciation dates where the systems patching older languages. What that means, basically, is that older sites that are running on older code frameworks may be susceptible to getting hacked or the site breaking, since the code developers aren’t maintaining the language.

Similar to the foundation of your house, if it’s not maintained, it can crack and let in unwanted pests (hackers or viruses in the website’s case), or result in damage to the rest of the house. Only in this case, websites age much faster than a home. For these reasons, a website older than 3 or 4 years, is probably ready for a redesign with updated code.

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What’s next?

Does your website look modern or outdated?

Has your company shifted its focus or changed since the last redesign?

Do you consider the website a strong piece of your marketing and sales strategy?

Do prospective customers or clients have an easy time navigating the site and finding the information they need to make a decision?

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