Helping small businesses compete in a saturated market through highly creative & original online marketing techniques & affordable web design solution. DTG is focused on small businesses offering hand tailored & cutting edge online marketing services & solutions to achieve the highest rankings possible in Google search. We write fresh & original content, work through monthly SEO techniques, manage your social media pages, and more.

Optionally referred to as, “inbound marketing,” “permission marketing,” or “digital marketing,” online marketing attracts users from targeted market segments to your website. DTG’s online marketing services you grow your online presence and attract new customers, clients and fans through branding, email marketing, content marketing, social media and SEO. In other words, we help companies generate leads from the internet and convert them into sales.

The following list outlines various website & marketing services and what we can do for you and your business!

  • Website planning-research, strategy, finding a concept.
  • Domain name and website hosting-helping you choose and register a domain name and selecting a hosting package.
  • New website design and development.
  • Existing website upgrade and refresh.
  • Professional content writing for your website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Custom graphics and logos-creation of original logos and illustrations, or altering current company logo.
  • Website maintenance and updates.
online marketing

Before you start asking around, it’s best to ask yourself what your goals are. Are you looking to inspire visitors with a bold and abstract design that leverages strength from your brand’s identity? Do you want a website that’s intuitive and user-friendly and will increase conversions while boosting your search engine rankings in the process?

Or, are you creating a large online marketplace that needs constant management, security, and updates? Depending on your needs, you’ll need to find an company that not only fulfills your vision but ensures your project is a roaring success. Many web companies will be happy to work with you and develop a strategy.

We make your brand messages seen so they can be heard. Not to everyone and anyone, but to a targeted demographic that could truly benefit from your products or services. It’s not about how many “darts” we throw out there so much as it is the percentage of those “darts” that hit the bullseye on our target market. Impactful designs and visual aids such as infographics and web ads effectively boost your content, achieving noticeable results, quicker.

If you’re searching for online marketing in Connecticut to increase your website traffic and grow your business, your online search has not been in vain. DTG employs a wide range of services, all designed to improve small business web presences, increase traffic and ultimately, improve sales. Is your website performing in the way you had hoped it would? If not, something is inherently wrong in its design. A functioning website requires much more than a pleasant appearance to get results where it matters- your company’s bottom line. This is where the skills and expertise of DTG come in to play. Call Now!

online marketing