CT Roof Repair a division of A Best Gutters wanted to expand their business from just gutters to commercial and residential roofing. Their website A Best Gutters was doing very well on gutter installs and replacements but wanted to expand more. Meeting with the staff at DTG, they decided on a new domain and a new look from their current web design.

Small and Local Business Web Design

DTG web design located in Hartford, CT, has been recognized across the industry for its small to mid-size business expertise, as well as its in-depth knowledge of creating and marketing small, midsize and local business web sites.

In-house, DTG has the four most important skill sets needed to create, market, manage and optimize a business website: creativity, business knowledge, technical knowledge and analytical skill. We have the ability to help you in every area.

As experienced web designers, we offer creative and proven methods to establish your online presence and standout from your competition.
As SEO experts and tacticians, we have the experience and proven track record to create a comprehensive organic SEO strategy to optimize your site to Achieve the desired results. As software designers, programmers and engineers, we have the know how to technically construct a fully functional and SEO optimized website

Why is Website Design so Important?

Your competition is one click away. Web users are accustomed to quickly getting to information quickly. Only engaged users generate a lead or sale.

There are no short cuts to success. Successful websites take expert SEO, information architecture, engaging design, great content and planning.

Web Design is our specialty!
Don’t leave the design of your website in the hands of the phone book or the local computer guy. If done correctly, internet advertising can provide you with a return on investment that far exceeds any other advertising medium. Leave your project in the wrong hands, and a poorly designed website can be as ineffective as putting up a billboard in the middle of a the Mojave desert. Building a powerful website requires not only technical know-how, but just as importantly, a keen eye for design!


Web Design by DTG is a full service design company, with service spanning Internet development, web marketing and web hosting services.

Web Design

Custom website design that will provide online visibility to increase customers or viewers.


Website Redesign

Website design is constantly evolving, updating your site design will keep your website image fresh.

Content Management Systems

Let us create a custom design with the CMS and then let you update youre website without any programming knowlege from any location.

Header Design

The header is the first part of your website viewers see and what keeps visitors on your website.


Add a shopping cart to an existing site or let us create the entire online shopping experience.

Banner Design

Static and dynamic banners to really make your ad stand out from the competition.

Website Maintenance

Updating your site monthly lets search engines know your site is active and shows your viewers your company is still functioning.

Logo Design

Your logo is vital to your website design. Could your logo use an update? Do you need your first logo?

Website Hosting

Affordable hosting and domain name registration. Register the domain name and hosting in your name.

Email Setup

Setup email using your domain name.

Search Engine Optimization

A website optimized with for the search engines and viewers is the perfect match.

Social Media Setup

Are you ready to begin a Facebook page for your company? Do you want to blog?