Mobile Friendly Website Design in Manchester, CT

Do you know if your your website is mobile ready? Google may be penalizing your ranking and you may be losing potential customers if your not mobile ready as it might be frustrating for cell phone users to navigate within your site. Lets get you fixed up with a mobile ready website with DTG Web Design, Manchester CT.

Instead of trying to cram your desktop web site into a mobile phone, consider setting up a unique mobile site design specifically to be viewed on cell phones. If your website was built before 2012, then chances are you web site is in need of an upgrade as Google will actually penalize sites that are not responsive or mobile friendly.

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People are Going Mobile

The number of mobile consumers has increased exponentially in the past decade. Smartphones have now become a vital source of online traffic for any online business. A mobile friendly website helps you tap into the wide customer base. On an average, the amount of conversion from mobiles can add a day’s worth of sales to your monthly revenues.

Mobile web has opened up new frontiers in the website development arena. More users now access internet from smart phones including iPhone, Android, and more. These hand held devices are poised to grow exponentially in the coming years. Not having a mobile website will only hurt your sales.


Responsive mobile design is an approach that involves creating websites with an optimal viewing and interaction experience across all devices. At DTG Web Design, we have created many responsive websites for satisfied clients and continue to work with new clients to help them achieve their goals online. Responsive design adapts a site’s layout to the viewing environment by using fluid and flexible grids and images. Our responsive design automatically targets the width of each user’s browser to correctly determine how large the screen is and how the website should be displayed.


Mobile devices today comprise the largest volume of traffic for many online businesses, so mobile users expect the same quality browsing experience they get on bigger devices. Desktop design is focused mainly on creating full-featured websites, while responsive design focuses more on creating mobile-optimized websites that are easy to use on smaller screens. Responsive websites are meant to load quickly and provide critical information that users are looking for.

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Consumers are browsing the web on mobile smartphones and tablets. You need to deliver the best user experience and take full advantage of this fact! Making your website mobile-friendly is the first step to surpassing online competitors. If over 65% of your website traffic is coming from non-desktop devices, you could be losing out on business or website traffic due to a poor user experience from various issues or problems consumers experience on different display devices. Business owners looking into small business web design upgrades or benefits can realize significant benefits of enhanced Google visibility and Google traffic by keeping their website technology upgraded.

We’d like the opportunity to help you implement the best responsive web design technology available that leads to new business possibilities realized when publishing mobile-friendly websites We’ll help you avoid experiencing a high website bounce rate percentage, and avoid the need to publish a separate mobile website. We develop all new sites with responsive design in mind, right from the beginning, however, older sites that were built before mobile design was so important should be updated.