With the State of Connecticut releasing guidelines on business reopening this coming Wednesday, is your website ready to go? DTG web design located in Manchester CT, should be your one stop source for all your web needs. From SEO to E-Commerce to Custom design, we are available to help you.

At DTG we understand that an end-result is only as good as the team working on it. That is why we have the most talented group of WordPress Website Designers in the Connecticut area. Did we say affordable?

There is no better money spent today than on internet advertising. Consider that you have a full color ad working for you 24 hours a day all over the world. No other advertising medium can compete with it. Imagine a sales force that keeps on working, day in, day out.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

Your website is the primary point of contact for your customers. Hence you need to present them with an optimal viewing experience to uphold its credibility. Responsive web design comes with the following benefits:

  •  Maintains consistency through user journey across multiple devices
  •  Facilitates quick loading of your website thus reducing bounce rate
  •  Minimum resizing and scrolling translates into a positive perception of your brand
  •  Being a primary ranking factory, mobile-first indexing boosts SEO
  •  Websites are cost effective

Responsive website design and development is a sustainable way to stay in line with trends and ahead of your competition.

At DTG, We blend technology, creativity, and security combining two extraordinary mediums in a process built secure from the ground up – opening up an exciting new frontier of forward thinking design and improving the way the web looks one website at a time. Our team combines the latest technology in web design with the power of WordPress to create award winning website designs and innovative functionality.

Why you should meet the staff at DTG

We help business to better understand their customers and to create meaningful experiences that resonate with them.

  • We understand the big picture. Our holistic approach to design will help us determine exactly what your website should be doing and how it can achieve your business goals.
  • Our goal is to empower you to do your best work. Let us worry about the website while you focus on your customers.
  • When creating delightful experiences for users, details matter. We pay attention to the finer details when designing websites, meaning your customers will have an experience that is intuitive, consistent, and enjoyable.
  • Before the project begins, we address any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.