Do you have a current web design that is in need of a website redesign? DTG also offers custom website redesign and we’ll optimize your website design for SEO Rankings; as well as work with you to make your custom website design stand out against the competition. Our website redesign services include reworked logo concepts, theme designs; as well as migrations from HTML to CMS sites and more.

Web design is a channel that offers many different advertising opportunities and helps small businesses, organizations, corporations and individuals promote their products and services. DTG web design makes all the difference and can mean the difference between a successful business and going out of business. Choosing a web design company with experienced professionals and a team of creative web designers, adept web developers and powerful marketers is a critical step in developing your business and creating an online presence. If you are determined to ensure a dominant position in your industry then it is imperative to have a quality website.

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Marketing is imperative for every website wishing to increase business. Sites that never receive any type of online marketing almost always receive very low daily traffic. In most cases local Connecticut sites have as little as 2 – 17 unique visitors per day and many of these are sent directly from you to your website. This means that your site is not in front of much new business potential, and not working thee way it needs in order to drive business to your doorstep.

If your site has a conversion ratio of 1 in 1000 that means it could take months for you to gain one new sale or new business potential. Let’s face it, search engines are just not going to automatically send you lots of traffic. If you think search engines are sending you steady traffic think again. If your only plan moving forward is to increase new business by search engine marketing, you very well could be wasting your time and money.

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Very few business owners have no clue as to how much traffic their site receives, how targeted this traffic they do receive really is, and how high of a conversion ratio their traffic produces. Most people that come to us just know their site is not converting into business that they see daily.

For many local businesses it only takes one marketing session, for others it might takes several. Frankly a local marketplace is much less competitive and therefore easier to harvest traffic. If you are selling worldwide and there is lots of competition we know how to get you in such heavy traffic streams you might always stay busy. It would take steady growth and multiple sessions to do so.

The wise plan is to first analyze your marketplace, then we give an estimate as to what we think it might take. Then perform one session at a time and look at the results, to see if you want to proceed. If at the end of any session, the results turn our to be less effective as we had hoped, you could stop and be done. Either way you would not walk away empty, you will still have permanent long term increased traffic than before the session. Every niche is different some more competitive than others, your marketplace has to be analyzed first.

Every website has to have marketing otherwise it’s just sitting there in front of very few people. Why should you ignore the issue instead of tackling it head on. At DTG, we can do something about this the smart way! We use tools by Google such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to help you.

DTG web design service for small local business is focused on cost effective web sites that aren’t just great looking. Our sites are designed with the goal of delivering results. Whether you need to upgrade your existing site or start with a fresh new design, we are here to help you to achieve your goals.

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