Good Web Design a Must for New Business

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Looking for web design in Connecticut? Maybe you want to redesign your existing website because it’s not ” mobile friendly “ or your loosing out on new business. DTG Web Solutions is a Manchester, Connecticut-based website design company specializing in building small businesses new websites that look professional, load quickly, and offer the latest functionality and interactivity to your customers. We offer Search Engine Optimization or SEO and specialize in helping small businesses get their website to the profitable places on Google so we can help drive new customers to the front door or the phone.

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We live in an exciting multi-device digital world. Our connections to content and others are no longer restricted to desktop computers. Instead, desktops are only one of the ways we access information on the web because, the digital device landscape is much more diverse and complicated.

There are hundreds of types of phones, tablets, tv/game consoles, and more. Consumers have different screen sizes, resolutions and operating systems. It is no longer effective or efficient to target individual devices. Your application and content must be fluid and capable of being elegantly formatted for the user’s device.

Our team of web designers and developers proactively recognize and adapt to tomorrow’s devices.

Let’s Make A Plan: Discovery, Analysis And User Research

We want to get to know you; your brand, your audience, and your mission. We can help you identify and refine your goals by answering questions like what are your marketing objectives? What is the competitive landscape? What are the industry standards? What is your audience seeking? Through analysis and user research, we define the functionality and design direction your website needs to serve you and your audience.

Great web design combines breathtaking aesthetics with effortless usability. It engages your consumers by telling compelling, relevant stories. It drives business and establishes you as an industry leader. A brand’s heart beats beyond the web, but it takes root online—living, breathing and connecting with your audience. Great web design motivates your consumers and boosts your business.

Services range from large corporate sites to small business websites to simple Facebook pages. With a developed flexible design process, we make working with you clear and simple. We make every effort to help you with your new or existing project. All at an affordable cost.

You don’t want to call four different companies for your digital business needs.  Let us be your one-point-of-contact for everything from photography to web development.  We bring you a holistic approach and look at the big picture needs of your business.  We offer you honest recommendations and help you get the best bang for your buck.

Website Design

When it comes to building websites, experience matters.  And we’ve been helping small businesses and organizations with website design around Connecticut since the internet came alive. No Kidding!!!!!

We understand it’s not just about designing beautiful websites – it’s about building an effective online presence.

And it’s not just about driving traffic – it’s about increasing sales.

Our website design services include:

Website Hosting

We manage domain names, email services, and provide website hosting through dedicated servers run exclusively for our customers.

Web Design

Building new websites from the ground up is our specialty, so even if you’re starting completely from scratch, don’t worry.  We can help you with content development, logo design, photography, video, social media and more.

Website Redesigns

If your website has been neglected, isn’t mobile-friendly, or simply looks dated, it’s probably time to talk about a website redesign.  We can refresh your website and breathe new life into your business.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Worried about web traffic?  Wondering why your website isn’t generating sales or leads?  Not sure where to start?  Then it’s probably a good time to review your digital marketing strategy. We will work with you to get new customers and entertain your existing customer base.

Website Maintenance

We can work out regular maintenance schedules, or simply make updates for you as needed.  If you’d prefer to make your own updates, we can teach you how to make simple changes to your website with minimal instruction.

No matter the size, experience or industry, we can put the right team around you to start building your marketing and driving results. Call today to learn more.


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