Website design and development for today’s corporate website is more important than ever. From providing visitors with the information they need to enabling companies to establish brand credibility, build awareness, and tell their story. But many websites fail to live up to their full potential. What’s needed is a more integrated approach to website design and development that weaves strategy and technology together to bring your company’s story to life, engage visitors and motivate action.

We are a web design and development company, building websites that drive traffic, engagement, and conversion for industry-leading brands. Our web designs are inspired not only by our creativity but with the dream and passion of our clients. Understanding our clients and building out their ideas into reality is what makes us the best web design company in the Connecticut area.

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Custom Web Design

Custom web design and development websites are tailored for clients that are looking to make their imagination and ideas come to life. Multiple web design concepts are drawn in Photoshop, inspiring ideas and collaboration, until the final proof is completed. Custom web design requires collaboration between the client and our designers for all aspects and elements throughout the web design process.

A custom website has many elements that would visually impact the final product. Choosing the right font types, font size, font colors, and choice of font locations will tie together and harmonize the website page flows. Sometimes stock images or even professional photos does not capture the intent of a web design page.  Custom image editing can literally change a photo from day to night, combine elements from multiple images into one,  manipulate images into animation, and so many other digitally enhancing effects.


We encourage clients to share their ideas of what a dream website should be. Our client’s vision and our expertise are the foundation of building a successful website. Web design is not just throwing images and text onto a digital canvas and hope for the best. Successful websites are built on creativity, functionality, content, call to action, speed and purpose. Conversation is key, working with a local web designer that understand modern website designs is crucial. Whether choosing to work with a local web design company or marketing agency to create your digital storefront, choosing local developers have definitely have there advantages.

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Websites that really work

As business owners ourselves, we understand our capabilities. We accept projects that are in the realm of our expertise and nothing else.  Nothing is worse than an unfinished website due to lack of web development experience.  When a website project is accepted, have a piece of mind that the website will be designed with creativity and developed with proper structure and on time.

We Have the Tools

We Can Help You Run Your E-Commerce, Delivery, and Online Ordering Businesses Better. Whether you are selling fashion items, tech products or books and music, we’ve been there. Selling online can enhance your current brick and mortar store or be a strong alternative to having a physical location when done correctly. Combined with relevant SEO, Social Media Marketing, a good shopping cart; selling online can be a great way to make income. We’ve done this more than a few times and have the experience to help you be your best.

Mobile Web Design — A MUST

Why mobile? Websites are changing and so are the users behind the digital devices browsing your business. As of July 2021, 55% of consumer traffic is viewed on mobile devices and the percentage is increasing year over year. If you are still on the fence about designing a mobile website, Google has made the decision a little easier. If you haven’t noticed, websites are marked with the “mobile-friendly” tag when doing searches and websites that are not considered a responsive website has lost ranking years ago. At DTG, ALL of our web designs are mobile; covering PC’s, tablets, mobile phones, and many other digital devices.

Web Designs with Results

With a high-performance website design, every image, color, story, offer and widget work together to capture your prospects’ imagination and build connections to your value proposition. Getting this right takes a professional designer to unleashing your company’s full online potential – converting visitors to leads, leads to customers and customers to brand advocates. Maximize your website’s online potential and facilitate a better customer experience. 

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Rebuild Your Website Today

At DTG, we focus on providing The Best Web Design, Development In The Manchester, CT Area. Our Digital Marketing Solutions Will Help Grow Your Business Online Or Offline. Questions About Our Services? We Are Here To Help! Stand out among your competition today!