Rose Hill Cemetery, located in Rocky Hill, CT is one of Connecticut’s largest cemeteries in the area. With over 40,000 burials, the management of record up taking is a monumental task. With their new website and search capabilities, it’s now is a breeze to find a loved one.

Maria Librio, VP & CEO of Rose Hill Memorial Park, made the decision to computerize all the data on the burials within the park and make them available to users via the web. With that thought, she called DTG to design not only a website, but a portal where the administrative staff can edit and update all the burials. The website captures events put on by Rose Hill and also information about the park itself. A drone was also used to provide not only a complete aerial shot of the cemetery, but individual section shots.

Starting this project was no easy task as explained by Mark Ambrose, President of DTG. “We had to manipulate spreadsheets of all the sections of the cemetery to incorporate as much data as we could come up with. Many of the spreadsheets had different fields, combined information and missing information that all had to be put in prior to export to the master database.”

database management

Ms. Librio, utilized high school students to do the extensive data entry as well as taking photo’s of each of the grave sites in order to provide not only a picture of the grave, but also GPS coordinates. After a section was completed, the spreadsheet was sent to DTG for the database management preparations. DTG setup the fields in an order that would be a precedence for the next section and sections thereafter. Again the use of formulas where used to manipulate the data. Hours and hours of work, just to get it ready to be imported into the website. This all worked in connection with the search layout on the Rose Hill Memorial Park home page.

data base management

After all the records on the spreadsheets were put in their perspective columns and the data matched up, it was then time to import. The import process takes time as random samplings were done to ensure data correlation. Then tests were done on the front end search to ensure the data was going to the right person. Also the information for each person was accurate. DTG also design a delivery system to where a person could upload photo’s, documents and other information regarding a loved one. As the data gets uploaded, an administrator checks the data and then approves it for final uploading.

Next on the design list was the portal for the staff of Rose Hill. From here users could add, edit and delete records. The filtering portion made it easy to search for specific dates, people, veterans and other items that deemed important. There was also a feature to export information for accounting purposes. The layout of the design made everything user friendly for the staff.

custom web design

DTG provides custom web design incorporating many features from database management to E-Commerce. At DTG, we create various kinds of custom web development for different situations. Every situation is unique. When you work with DTG on a website project, you get to direct the vision of what you want, the solution you need to get it off and running and the skilled people who will build it for you.