Business being business, why should you not have the same advantage as your competition?
Well to start it off, most of today’s advertising is done via the Internet.
Of course we all know that.

What you might not know is that many businesses use professional services to keep their websites current and attractive. DTG web design business services located in Manchester CT, has been providing web services and programming for years.

We work with you from the beginning; from choosing your domain name to getting your e-mail setup. DTG can help you next pick a look and feel for your new website. Our team of designers and programmers will work with you and your staff to meet your goals.

All websites, no matter how big or small come with the following features. And even if your organization is small, you can remain confident that your website design can grow with your company without having to pay for a new website again!

  • Create unlimited pages/sub pages in seconds. No more waiting for someone else to update your website.

  • Allow website visitors to register on your site automatically to gain access to other areas of your website.

  • More control on your search engine ranking. Built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Add video, photo galleries, and image rotators with ease.

  • Create multiple blogs and control whether people can leave comments or ratings.

  • Change the appearance of your website in minutes, without losing your content!

  • Send newsletters directly to your websites’ registered users or subscribers to follow-up with promotions.

  • Add audio files to your web pages.

  • Customizable Contact and feedback forms.

  • Connect to Google Analytics to track how people visit your website.

  • We train you to manage it after we build it, then we support you if you forget.

Balancing creativity and functionality is the great challenge of web design. At DTG Web Design services, we begin by building a professional website. That grabs attention and funnels your visitors toward your goals.

Then we analyze the site from a search engine’s perspective and optimize the site making it easy for search engine spiders to both understand and easily categorize the website in their index.

When people search for your product or service, the search engines bring your website up in the results. This balance of beautiful web layout and search engine web design draws highly targeted prospects to your site and sells them on your product or service once they’ve arrived. Now that’s something other web designers often don’t offer.

After the website is completed and tested, we will then work with you in getting your website found in Google, FaceBook, Twitter and more.
But it does not end there.

The technical support that you receive from DTG goes on as long as your one of our customers. Looking to get the most for your money and support. DTG web design business services in Manchester and Hartford Connecticut.