DTG web development company has used WordPress to build featured filled, dynamic websites for customers demanding flexibility for almost a decade. All of our business website design services are tailor-made to our customer’s needs and requirements, providing a high level of intuitive web management that performs, looks beautiful and will grow as our their needs grow. We develop websites that look great on all platforms. Our sites look great on phones, tablets, and desktops.

Ensuring that your business has a strong online presence is vital to attracting new customers and maintaining a loyal customer base in Connecticut, regardless of the size of your business or the nature of your services. The goal of SEO is to make your business’s website easily found via search engine searches, using a range of techniques to improve its relevance and ranking when certain keywords are used in a web search. You also need to understand that effective SEO is not just about using the right keywords: it’s also about how these keywords are organized and placed within content.

Social Media Marketing sets your business apart from the competition. The only problem is most people aren’t sure what they should be doing to use it effectively with their business. In fact, many people aren’t sure why they should be using social media in the first place. Depending on your business goals, DTG  identifies the best social media channel(s) for you to be using to interact with your fans and prospects. You are up and running quickly so you can leverage the power of social media yourself — or DTG can run your business social media marketing campaign for you.

Thinking about a Website Redesign?

DTG will completely redo your website from scratch, not just the surface work. When we do a Website Redesign we are able to typically use the verbiage from the website, if that needs to be redone we do talk about an effective way to do so. We start from the beginning and evaluate your current website and find out what it is doing right for your business and what you would like for it to do moving forward.

We make sure your new redesigned website has a fresh updated feel that represents your business well and conveys the message you want to deliver to your customers and potential customers as well as giving them a better user experience. A complete Website Redesign will take a deeper dive into the backend of the website and will ensure that the navigation of the website is smooth and that the sitemap of the website is correctly setup.