Thinking of changing up your current website?

Looking for an exciting and refreshing switch to a new look and feel.

The web offers infinite opportunities for your brand to engage audiences. But, capitalizing on these opportunities requires more than keeping up with the latest trends. Our interactive solutions echo the characteristics of your brand and the needs of your audience to deliver a user experience that remains true to your story while sparking results.

There is a subtle art to transforming the world of the web into consequential marketing. It’s an art rooted in science. It requires brands to balance on the point where design trends, technology, and human behavior intersect. When done right, this blend of art and science can become an intuitive platform that engages and motivates your customers.

At DTG  we speak the language of the web. We understand the trends. We breathe the technology behind them. And, we know the users who embrace them. From campaign landing pages to website overhauls, we’ve been bringing impactful designs and marketing to the web since its inception. Our skilled designers, content strategists, and innovative development team all collaborate closely to bring your vision to pixel-perfect reality. Located in Manchester, CT, we are just a phone call away from putting your business on the map!

Our full suite of web and interactive design services includes:

  • Responsive website design
  • WordPress Certified
  • Landing page design and optimization
  • Mobile website design
  • Blog design and management
  • Web application user interface design
  • Content management system (CMS) customization
  • Website content strategy
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Website analytics
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Website maintenance and optimization

The internet is constantly evolving and improving its visual and interactive communication between web sites and their potential customers.  You have only seconds to make an impression when a potential customer visits your website.  A clean, modern, easy to navigate website conveys a message to your potential customers that your business is staying current with today’s business world and internet trends!

What message does your website convey to your customers? 
  • Appearance matters, do your web pages look stale or cluttered?
  • Are your returning customer numbers dwindling?
  • Are viewers visiting your site, but not buying or contacting you?
  • Is your website rarely updated?
  • Does your website have slow loading pages?
  • Are your images not optimized properly?
  • Are you unable to make changes to your website?
  • Are your web pages difficult to navigate?
  • Does your website have broken links or images?
  • Do your page titles NOT include your business keywords?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, a website re-design can help!  Sometimes a minor change will make all the difference, and then again, it may be time for a complete re-design of your existing website to increase your web business.

Call DTG today and learn more about growing your business using the web.