Whether you’re looking for a simple site to provide basic information or a more complex site with e-commerce capabilities, we can help. We take pride in our work, and we’re confident that you’ll be happy with the end result.

Even the most well-designed website will struggle to attract visitors if it’s not properly promoted. There are a number of ways to promote a website, and the best approach depends on the site’s goals and target audience. One common method is search engine optimization, or SEO. This involves optimizing the website’s content and structure to improve its ranking in search engines.

What’s Wrong With Your Website Design?

  • Does your website design look outdated?
  • Is your website design too complicated or confusing?
  • Is your website design difficult to navigate?
  • Does your website design have the information your visitors are looking for?
  • Are your Call to Actions clear and direct?
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DTG LLC is a website design agency that provides web design services for businesses based in Manchester, Connecticut and the surrounding areas. We develop websites using the latest web technologies, providing a superbly responsive user experience across all devices and screen sizes. We understand that your business is unique so we ensure our websites are written to your customers’ needs and are able to track their progress throughout the buying process.

Our team provides a full cycle of web development. This means that an idea is minimally required from you, then we will connect at any stage. We can create a unique design for your needs, transfer and update an existing website. Our developers can fix temporary and minor problems on the site. Of course, we have a full set of developers, each of whom is assigned to their own area of development, so that the project is done more quickly and efficiently. With deep tech expertise and broad management experience, we know what it takes to deliver smart and efficient software solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients and their customers.

Our Website Development Services

Product creation consists of several stages and can be of different types. In order to create a quality product, you need to be able to work efficiently with each stage. So, below are the main stages and types of products that can and should be based on in web development. Quality control is a naturally important part of development, thanks to which we find bugs and identify problems at an early stage. Are you looking to create a great website? Our web development team can help you build an astonishing website!

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So what is the advantage of going with a local web design company, rather then a larger company that services the world? By providing local services, we can meet with our customers in person. During such meetings we can walk you through the whole web design process so you can figure out exactly the content you want to put on your website. In addition the DTG design manager will be able to take written documents or pictures the customer might want scanned, or we can go to a business location to take digital pictures of items that need to be displayed on the website being developed.

Benefits of having an effective business website design include:

  • Improve customer service.
  • Increase product awareness.
  • Decrease marketing costs.
  • Expand your distribution.
  • Getting found in the Google Search Engines
  • Communicate with customers and suppliers without tying up phone lines or missing out on your lunch break.
  • Forms, e-mail, and surveys allow for customer interaction, while helping improve your knowledge and understanding of your customer demographic, their needs, and their interests.
  • No more ‘out-of-date’ catalogs, updates are easy and sales can be alerted instantly, or to web-only specials.
  • Automating sales, marketing, or support services saves money and time. [Not to mention, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that can be easily answered in an online database, without you having to be overworked answering the same questions over again and again.]
  • Consumers are the web ‘surfers’, many, if not most of your customers are currently online with millions of other potential consumers of your products/services-why not give let them find you instead of the competition.
  • Computerized and electronic devices are replacing everything in the workplace and at home, we are in the age of communication and information! A website today is like having a fax machine in your office back in the 90s.
  • The Internet combines both print and television advertising, while eliminating the time and space limitations of traditional media. The Internet is an interactive media, unlike television or magazines, making it a cost-effective one-on-one business tool.

We Have Helped Businesses Build And Maximize Their Revenue And Customer Base Through Web Design. DTG’s expertise is in fully conceptualizing your vision and transforming them into a compelling website that brings in traffic and profits. Website design and development for today’s corporate website is more important than ever. Let us help you define the scope of your next website iteration.