Spring Web Design is Now Here. Affordable and Local

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Spring is in the air and so is new web design projects for DTG. The rise in smart phone and tablet use adds new levels of complexity to web design. Yes, people will watch videos on those tiny screens, but that doesn’t mean they will struggle to navigate your web site if it’s still designed only with desktop computers in mind.

Fortunately, you don’t need three web sites — just one that can recognize different devices and configure itself accordingly. We can help you build a responsive site (unless mobile optimization is a better option for you).

Responsive web design allows a single website to work effectively on any size screen or type of device; from the biggest flat screen to the smallest smartphone, and everything in between. Desktop, laptop, tablet… you name it.

Websites built using responsive design give your site visitors the best possible experience, and allow you to speak to them in whatever way they choose. School website with users always on the go, or sitting in line to pick up kids? Manufacturing or industrial website with users on the shop floor? Professional services site with users at their desk? Sites built using responsive design adjust automatically in all of these scenarios, based on the device in use, and offer a great experience for all users. Desktops get the full version of a site, while tablets and smartphones get a simplified version without all the bells and whistles.

If you are not sure how to approach your new website design project or if you want to take your current website to the next level we are here to consult with you. The DTG web team will meet with you in person or via tele-conference. Once we properly review your project we will provide you with options that fit your objectives, time frame and budget. During our consultations we begin to devise a strategy for our customers.

Growing a business in a city that has a lot of people around and are being served by numerous businesses every moment may be a tough task. To increase your reach in such a competitive world, DTG is there to support you in a better way. We offer SEO and Analytic services and we make sure that your brand earns the acceptance in the search engine rankings.

Our Search Engine Optimization services also help your brand to get noticed in the top search engines such as Google , as our experts include every possible keyword in your website. We make a wise use of the keywords and make their use in best possible ways. Also, having a good reputation on the internet is of utter prominence and this can be done through our SEO Services.

We also provide the Web Design services that make your website look great and turn appealing for the visitors. For this task, our expert designers work on the WordPress Web Designing that’s easier for the clients to handle and has a lot of advanced features than the other older web design software.

Simply appending pretty imagery to a website far from represents an effective design plan. Thriving digital campaigns possess the appropriate balance between the aesthetic and functional features of the site.

Is your website successfully communicating your intended message? Do your graphical branding elements reinforce collaborative text and supporting imagery? These are important considerations that largely factor in the performance of your website.

DTG’s creative team offers professional web design services for engagements such as:

•    Corporate systems
•    Product or campaign sites
•    Microsites
•    eCommerce & eLearning
•    Multimedia

Call us today to learn more about web design and searching via the web.




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