Social Media for your Business

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People’s voices didn’t matter much until social media gave them a digital megaphone, and they could share opinions across the planet. Suddenly, companies of all sizes began to notice the trend could greatly affect their business either positively or negatively. The ones who embraced the power of social media thrived and the ones who feared it didn’t survive.

Have you started your social media program but aren’t seeing results?

How do you compare to competition and other leaders in your industry or niche? Do you know how to take it to the next level? We use our proprietary methodology to conduct a comprehensive assessment to help you understand where you have opportunities for improvement, and how you stack up to your competitors and other leaders in your niche and related industries.

DTG web services can help you navigate the crowded social media waters with expert consulting whether you’re a novice or a veteran who wants to get more from your current outreach. Our best practices will enable you to determine why, what, and how you should communicate your business. We can work with you to integrate your social media plan with your overall marketing program and link it back to organizational goals.

DTG will work side-by-side with your team to:

  • Manage your social media: daily content creation and community management
  • Launch your next campaign
  • Optimize: Reporting, analytics, audits, strategy recommendations
  • Set-up: Set-up, strategy and training

While many agencies sell social media as just another service, at DTG we integrate social channels into everything we do. We look at Social Media as a marketing tool – we understand the goals you are trying to accomplish and can recommend using social channels to achieve them. If reaching your key audiences via Twitter is critical or developing a Facebook fan page will help drive the conversation, we can design and execute a campaign to effectively engage these audiences.

We can help companies put together singular creative campaigns. Whether you are launching a product, making a push in a slow season, or opening a new location, there is a lot of potential for one off campaigns. Our team will put together the creative, the concept, and the production of the campaign. All of the campaigns we do are results driven meaning we don’t just create campaigns because they are creative. Campaigns can be integrated across all channels or be platform specific.

Social media is the modern tool that offers new and powerful avenues to listen, build relationships and bring value to the communities relevant to your industry. DTG web services helps generate brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, engage your audience, and eventually influence decision to buy.

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