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We specialize in developing modern, professional and functional website design that users find attractive and easy to use.

It is our goal to create an effective website design

that will enable your business to gain more exposure for your products or services and ultimately generate sales. Our process allows you to have the input you desire to make the site just for you, while providing you with the expert team members to create the finished product. We do our best to make sure you are satisfied with the completed project and we work with you every step of the way to ensure your voice is heard during the process. With our years of experience and specialized in-house team, we deliver beautiful, professional websites that are specifically tailored for any business and industry as well as reflect your brand and personality.

From content management and custom point-of-sale systems to member management tools, we know how to build custom solutions and features for your site that quickly return your investment. With an experienced staff on hand, we are an area leader in web development and capable of tackling projects small and large.

You’ve spent time and energy building a business to be proud of so why not have a great website to showcase that effort to your clients? At DTG web design, we know you have concrete professional goals, a target audience and a budget. Let us create a unique website design to help you reach those goals while working to reach current and prospective customers so you’re getting a return on your investment with your site. Our relationship should be mutually beneficial and your website should be an asset that wins clients for your company. During the web design process, you’ll work closely with a team that includes a dedicated project manager, a designer, a web developer and a content coordinator to help you create a custom website design that reflects your brand and the voice of your business. Once you have a design you love, we help you put branded, professional content on the pages while the developer makes your site come to life.

With 75 million Americans accessing the Web from mobile phones, your business can’t afford not to provide customers with a seamless browsing experience.

Mobile Internet is a booming platform, growing faster than anything else (Google in New York, on 10th Feb. 2016 reported a 400% increase in the number of searches being carried out on mobile devices, compared to this time last year. Obviously, if your business doesn’t have a mobile website, you’re losing customers!

According to the recent survey conducted by the Keynote Systems, which was commissioned by the Adobe, over 75% of the mobile phone users use their mobile web browser to browse the internet.

Here are some of the interesting stats that were found in the survey:

  • 81% of the mobile users search product and price information from the browser
  • 75% users read the blogs from their mobile browsers
  • 78% read the product reviews from the browser, and the remaining from an app
  • 63% of the users read news from their web browsers while 37% from the apps
  • 58% watch the internet videos from the browser
  • 46% of use their browsers for social networking
  • 45% listen to music, and 39% play games using a mobile browser

Though this is not surprising, it still shows the level of interest in people about using the traditional web browser over the apps.

While most small business owners spend significant amount of marketing dollars on their traditional websites, unfortunately, their old desktop-ready website won’t exactly meet the challenge. A mobile-friendly website is often very much separate from a company’s primary online presence. Customer experience has take frontstage in web design and mobile customers tend to have very poor experience with desktop version websites.

Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Designing and deploying a mobile website isn’t as time-consuming or expensive as one might think. It usually takes just a fraction of the money that most folks spend on their main websites. We have experienced mobile web designer who can design, test and deploy a professional mobile version on your website fairly quickly.

Optimize Content for a Mobile Context

With our mobile web design and marketing services, you will be able to enhance and reinforce your current marketing strategies. When you are looking for an effective mobile website service, you need to take into account that when mobile users have a bad experience with a particular site, 60% of them will not revisit that site, and the remaining 40% will likely go to your nearest competitor’s website. Our mobile website design will take you miles ahead of your rivals. You will undoubtedly experience a traffic increase and your website will be more visible on the various search engines, which is yet another monetary benefit. We are aware of the fact that visitors are looking for quick access to information and we will give them exactly what they need. Also, we have the expertise and practice that it takes to adapt to the changing needs of today’s continuously evolving businesses. We use the most effective technique in device and solution. We will not let you sit still while the world passes you by in modern technology.

Interested in discussing your mobile website needs with us? Contact us today for a no commitment, no cost initial discussion.

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